Company Name Sala design Inc. Registered first class architects office

Tokyo Office
Yanagibashi 1-8-5-2F, Taito ward, Tokyo 111-0052
Phone +81-(0)3-5809-3354
Facsimile +81-(0)3-5809-3744


Establishment of the company July 26th in 2006
Capital 5,000,000 (JPY)
Business Contents Architecture Planning
- Schematic design phase
- Design development phase
- Construction documents phase
- Bidding or negotiation phase
- Construction phase
- Research
City planning & Research
Interior design
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment work
Project management
President Ryoichi Kami
Vice president Yuichi Ohkoshi
Numbers of Staff 8
Associate Staff 2 (Architect) , 1 (Structural engineer) , 1 (Mechanical and electrical)